What is Radiation and is it Ever Safe?

There are many different types of radiation, but it is electromagnetic radiation (also known as EMF) specifically that is transmitted by phones, computers, microwaves and other electrical and wireless devices.

The effect of exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation is still being studied and is a hotly debated topic.

For phone users, the onset of headaches, and other ailments including sleep disorders, neurological diseases and immune and nervous system disruptions have people questioning the safety of their phone.

We have also seen dramatic increases in the presentation of brain cancer and tumors in both adults and children. Several governments have already introduced restrictions and bans on children (under the age of 16) using mobile phones.

You can see some of the studies performed to help you learn more about the dangers from radiation.

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So how do you get by in modern society, with mobile phones, PDA’s, tablets, laptops and so many devices in our homes that are potentially harmful?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to stop using your phone or other devices!

Radiation protection is available that allows you to use you phone but remain safe from the radiation (known as non-ionizing radiation). This small but effective device is known as the Torsion Protective Field Chip.

The chip simply slips into the back of your phone to provide 99% neutralization of electromagnetic radiation. The chip is guaranteed for 3 years and in no way interferes with your phone reception. Learn more about the radiation shield…

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