10 Practical Suggestions to Prevent
the Effects of Radiation

The advancing of technology has simply improved lives of many people in a lot of aspects. The information is just in our fingertips. We can talk to and communicate with people from all around the world. But the other side of the coin is telling us about the negative impact or effects of it to humanity. Unfortunately, these effects are invisible, and it is embarrassing especially for the consumers. The report said that some people were amazed by the new released inventions but others considered it a failure because they have not thought of a prevention and cure for it. These invisible problems include electromagnetic radiation, the strange effects could easily be prevented with these tips that are discussed below. How can you really protect yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation in the first place?

10 Practical Tips to Make Your Immune System Stronger: 

1. Taking in the proper nutrients is a very good mechanism to make your body strong enough to fight the effects of radiation. Eating a healthy diet means eating fresh organic fruit and vegetables everyday.

2. Consuming an organic meat that has not been fed drugs like hormones or antibiotics and from animals that are outside in fresh air and pasture. Do not eat fish that were farmed or cultured in ponds.

3. A good quality filtered water is a better option to thirst your quench. It is better to use glass and ceramic clay mugs, glasses, water bottles, etc. You need a lot of good clean water to detox your body.

4. A high-quality food-based multivitamins should be taken, not a synthetic product. And take a probiotic daily if you can, it is suggested to take at least 3 times a week. Cultured milk and yogurt are the good options for keeping your immune system strong.

5. Take extra antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Selenium, Pycnogenol, and Grape Seed Extract daily to stop free radicals produced by electromagnetic radiation.

6. Take Omega-3 oils such as Fish Oil daily. Minimum dose is 3000mg per day.

7. Take melatonin 2-4mg in a sublingual form before bedtime.

8. Exercise 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes long. If you can’t exercise, then go for Saunas but make sure they are low electromagnetic saunas.

9. Exercise as much as you can as this will strengthen your body and flush toxins better than anything.

10. Don’t use synthetic chemicals, solvents, cleaners or make-up. These products are loaded with harmful chemicals that are damaging to the body. Also, make sure your parents don’t use pesticides and insecticide chemicals in your house or garden.

Radiation Shielding Devices

Healthy eating and drinking lots of water will also allow for quicker repair of damage. Not only by doing these will make your immune system an efficient protection and firmed. The tips below will also minimize the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation and cellphone radiation exposure. Based on a doctor’s research, says you should not be exposed to a radiation level any higher than .10 mw/cm2 or microwatts per centimeter squared. So you can get a radiation measuring device and measure the rooms in your house and your school to see if they are below this level. She says that ideally, indoor radiation levels should be no higher than .01 mw/cm2. There are some things from your house that can prevent or shield your house if your neighbor’s Wi-Fi is coming into your house.

Electromagnetic frequency can be screened with one of the three different types of material, which, carefully fitted, stop over 98% of incoming radiation. A special kind of glass specialized window blades or glass should be installed.

Walls and ceilings can be carefully painted with special carbon paint. This special coat stops over 98% of the incoming microwave radiation. The paint is organic, water based, and can be painted over ordinary emulsion paint of your chosen color.

You can also opt bed canopies, in 3 sizes, for single, double or king-size beds, which are easily and quickly fixed in place. They are made of the silver plated material and prevent over 98% of incoming microwave radiation from reaching the sleeping person.

Personal Protection
If you can really feel too much radiation, head nets can give you a personal protection from pulsed microwaves in the home, garden, and out and about in your neighborhood. You can get baseball caps, hoodies and other headgear that is lined with radiation-shielding fabric.

Get Protected!

The Torsion™ Protection Field Chip neutralizes up to 99% of the radiation produced by cell phones, giving you peace of mind.

It is recommended for both adults and children.

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Further Reading..

In America 20 million kids under the age of fourteen have cell phones and in Australia one in four 9 year old's has their own phone.

More reading if you are considering a mobile phone for your child or teenager

From the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) comes a fact sheet on the use of wireless devices..

"Due to the lack of scientific evidence on mobile and cordless phone use by children, ARPANSA recommends that parents encourage their children to limit their exposure,''

They also suggest that baby monitors be kept a meter away from cots, to minimise any electromagnetic emissions.

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