Cell Phone Radiation Shield


Have peace of mind when you are making cell calls with a cell phone radiation shield.

It is so simple, yet so effective!

The Torsion™ Protection Field Chip acts as a radiation shield to drastically reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation by simply slipping it into the back of your mobile/cell phone.

The Torsion Protective Field Chip is a laminated plate of 20mm x 38mm  x 0.1mm thickness containing fractal crystals of rare-earth elements which act to block electromagnetic radiation. The shield is both non-metallic as well as having no electronic properties.

Quality Guaranteed

Torsion™ is a market leader in anti radiation research and development committed to developing a range of innovative anti radiation products alongside educating people on how to safely deal with electromagnetic radiation.

The Torsion Protective Field Chip is manufactured and patented in Europe under the guidance of the European Union.

The World Health Organisation has certified the effectiveness and quality of the Radiation Protection Chip as being ‘subject to the highest standards of quality at every level of production’.


How Does It Work?

The radiation shield is a patented cell phone protective chip that;

  • Neutralizes up to 99% of the radiation produced by cell phones
  • Helps to relieve conditions associated with phone radiation including headaches, fatigue, lack of sleep
  • Is recommended for both adults and children
  • Does not interfere with phone reception or transmission
  • Is simple to use
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty from your date of purchase
  • You may also return your Torsion™ Protective Chip for any reason to your TORSION™ distributor for a full refund (excluding postage) within 30 days of purchase.

Buy the Torsion Protection Chip and Protect Your Family


  • Buy 2 or more = less 10%
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  • Buy 2 or more = less 10%
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Orders within the Philippines, 5 to 10 working days expected delivery.

Orders outside the Philippines, 5 to 15 working days.

If ordering more than 4 Torsion Protective Chips, please send us a request with the the following details before placing your order for correct Postage Fee;

  • Number of Torsion Protective Chips  required
  • Postal address

Please note that we are the Sole Agent of Torsion Protective Chips for the Philippines.

If you are interested to become a Stockists or Reseller anywhere, please let us know through our Contact Page and we will get in touch with you.

International Orders

Orders from other countries are posted from NSW Australia (flat fee of $9.95).

If you wish to buy a Torsion Protective Chips and live in Russia or Hungary, please place your order through that country’s Authorised Seller’s website links below.

If you wish to buy Torsion Protective Chips from any other countries you can still place your order with us with a flat postage fee of US$9.95 per order.

If ordering more than 4 Torsion Protective Chips, please send us a request with the the following details before placing your order for correct Postage Fee;

  • Number of Torsion Protective Chips  required
  • Postal address


Absolutely fantastic. So happy with the purchase. What a great invention!
Steve and Mary, Hillary ‘s WA

Started using the chip and very satisfied. Highly recommend it to my friends.
Miriam, Alexander Heights, WA

The ringing in my ear stopped

Can sleep through the night and much less headaches since I started using the chip.
Mrs Montecillo of NSW

Disclaimer – Torsion™ is designed to protect and eliminate mobile phone users from the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation emitted by mobile phones.  PLEASE NOTE Torsion ™ is not intended to detect, treat or restore to health any existing illnesses.   Torsion ™ on the other hand grants a 99% safe, secure and protected radiation environment to all mobile phone users.