Computer Radiation


Do you use computers often? If yes, then the term computer radiation may not be new for you. What may be new for you are the effects that electromagnetic radiation from computers cause to your body. Whether you use a computer for work or leisure, prolonged exposure will lead to serious health risks. What can you do to keep yourself from being at risk?

Different Kinds of Computer Monitor Radiation

Radiation from computer monitor is the big umbrella that covers different kinds of electromagnetic frequencies. It means that when you face the computer you absorb both VLF (Very Low Frequency) electromagnetic radiation, ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) electromagnetic radiation, and soft x-rays if you use an old style Cathode Ray Tube monitor.

Effects of Computer Radiation

Nowadays, people work longer hours in front of the computer. This extended susceptibility to radiation could lead to biological effects such as eye strain, stress, insomnia and fatigue.

However, the center of concerns about computer radiation effects is directed towards pregnancy results. Several studies have explored the definitive effects of electromagnetic radiation to pregnant women such as cancer in reproductive system. The conclusive statement from the experts say that health risks from electromagnetic field exposure are still being studied and currently there are no specific data to suggest exact grave health defects.

Eliminate Computer Radiation

1) Consider the location of your computer. When you use a computer, EMF is radiated in all directions and the back of the computer gives off the second strongest radiation. Make sure that the back part is not exposed to many people.

2) Consider your eyes. Since the eyes are the most strained part when in computer use, make sure to have a distance as far as 80 cm away from the computer screen.

3) Make sure to have the radiation filter plate. This can help block the electromagnetic radiation that radiates from your computer.

4) Put your computer in a well-ventilated area. Since computers are also recognized to give off carcinogenic substances, one way to moderate this is to put it in a significantly cooler area.

5) Take your vitamins. Make sure to have your healthy share of food rich in vitamins such as A and C. Healthy food can help your immune system to be stronger which protects you from the harmful effects of computer radiation.


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Further Reading..

In America 20 million kids under the age of fourteen have cell phones and in Australia one in four 9 year old's has their own phone.

More reading if you are considering a mobile phone for your child or teenager

From the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) comes a fact sheet on the use of wireless devices..

"Due to the lack of scientific evidence on mobile and cordless phone use by children, ARPANSA recommends that parents encourage their children to limit their exposure,''

They also suggest that baby monitors be kept a meter away from cots, to minimise any electromagnetic emissions.

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