Cordless Phone Radiation

– Are You Protected Enough?

The term cordless phone radiation may be fairly new to you. Essentially, cell phones are the ones which are well-studied about their radiation effects.  You may wonder, ‘how could a cordless phone emit any radiation?’

Wireless Home Phones- The Dangerous Side

Cordless phones or wireless home phones are what we naturally consider as favoured in the previous times. Since cell phones offer the anywhere at any place type of accessibility, wireless home phones are sometimes offhand choices.

Interestingly, wireless home phones pose some dangers as well. Digital Electronic Cordless Telephones or DECT are readily available nowadays and with it comes an exceedingly high energy. This means that even when not in use, cordless phones emit unlimited radiation at all times in your home.

Studies about Cordless Phone Radiation

According to a research team by a Swedish biophysicist Professor Kjell Mild,  there has been a previous study which has been associated with the cordless phone use. Based on the recent researches with established studies about cordless phone use, the digital electronic cordless telephones (DECT) and other mobile phones show that users of five years were reported to have extra tumors. Such increase in tumors is related with the phone’s number of years use.

Cordless Phone Radiation Health Effects

One of the most distinct effects of cordless phone radiation is insomnia or lack of sleep. When you sleep closer to your cordless phone, this results to DECT’s pulse to have a high alpha range of brain wave. Subsequently, the brain is induced to level with that pattern.

To put it simply, when you prepare yourself to sleep with high alpha range available can be extremely difficult. To have a sound, invigorating sleep, the brain must have the slow delta range available.

Phone Radiation- How to Protect Yourself

It might be easier to suggest than to altogether discard your cordless phone. However, you need not  discard it at all, you just have to minimize your exposure to it. The following tips will help you do so:

1) Keep your conversations short. As much as possible, have the speaker mode on when you talk to minimize the contact to the head.

2) Remove the cordless phone’s plug from the electric socket.

3) Relocate your phone to a room where you do not spend most of your time with.

4) Keep one other corded phone. This way, you will have an extra when you unplug your cordless phone.

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Further Reading..

In America 20 million kids under the age of fourteen have cell phones and in Australia one in four 9 year old's has their own phone.

More reading if you are considering a mobile phone for your child or teenager

From the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) comes a fact sheet on the use of wireless devices..

"Due to the lack of scientific evidence on mobile and cordless phone use by children, ARPANSA recommends that parents encourage their children to limit their exposure,''

They also suggest that baby monitors be kept a meter away from cots, to minimise any electromagnetic emissions.

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