Microwave Radiation

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Whenever we hear the word microwave radiation, the image that comes to mind is the microwave oven. But do you know that microwave radiation can also be used in other objects such as telephone and television communications and other industrial uses such as cure plywood and rubber? Still, it is the microwave oven that is popularly used today.

Microwave Radiation- How Does it Work?

Firstly, microwaves are another spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. They move in waves of electrical and magnetic energy as they progress through space. It is under the category of radio frequency.

However, when it comes to microwave oven, there are three ways that microwave cooking in oven works: first, microwave radiation is mirrored by metal; second, it goes through glass, paper and other materials; then finally, it is taken in by the food, hence cooking it.

Microwave Cooking

To keep pace with the fast moving way of life these days, microwave cooking offers ways to make life easier. First it can heat and cook faster even without additional water while still retaining its nutritional value compared to conventional cooking.

Normally, because this radiation can pass through glass, paper, ceramic, or plastic container they are the usual materials used. However, materials such as metal pans and aluminum foil are not allowed inside the microwave oven since the microwaves can be reflected from these materials and if used, food will not be cooked properly with the possibility of destroying the oven.

Dangers of Microwave Oven Radiation

Researches are still being done about the microwave oven radiation effects to our body. Since microwave radiation heats our body tissue the same way it does to our food, too much exposure of it can cause complications such as cataracts, temporary sterility and burns. Microwaves break chemical and molecular bonds, and can literally rip atoms apart, disrupting the basic biochemical structures of life. It’s no wonder foods cooked in such a way become so harmful to consume.

According to the research, from Search for Health (Spring, 1992), they performed a study where the participants ate microwaved dish, and they concluded with the following effects:

1) Key antibodies diminishment.

2) Vulnerability to anemia since haemoglobin are observed to be particularly decreased

3) Significantly elevated cholesterol levels.

4) It serves as a catalyst to possibly harmful bacteria.

5) All microwaved food tested were found to contain carcinogenic substances.

6) Continuous consumption of microwaved food could result to long term, and possibly permanent de-polarizing of brain tissue.

7) All the effects of microwaved food stay longer in the human body.

How to Protect Yourself from Microwave Radiation

Although there are no final studies yet for ill effects of microwave oven radiation, it is best to arm yourself with knowledge of prevention through the following:

1) Understand the kind of microwave oven radiation you are exposed to.

2) Familiarize yourself with the kind of materials which may be potentially dangerous for microwave use.

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