Mobile / Cell Phone Radiation Studies

There are literally thousands of cell phone radiation studies currently being undertaken specifically in regards to the long term safety of cell phone usage.

There are also studies looking at various issues related to electromagnetic radiation in the following fields;

  • Appliances and wireless devices
  • Cell phone towers
  • Children and cell phones
  • Prenatal health / unborn babies
  • Male reproductive health

Difficulties in Gathering Conclusive Data

Differing studies have brought back widely differing results depending on varying sample sizes and methodologies for testing alongside the issue of studies that are funded or partially by the mobile phone industry.

One of the main issues is that the use of mobile phones and wireless technologies has dramatically increased over the last 10 years, so we have not had a long enough period to have undertaken studies on sufficient users over that period to produce reliable data.

More studies have been done on animals than humans, thus evidence is not conclusive, but these studies (see the Bionitiative Report) do show

  • reductions in male fertility
  • in-utero damage including brain development and behavioural changes
  • DNA changes that produce various health issues
  • Increases in risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma (types of brain cancer) – see the Interphone Study and Hardell Group in Sweden.

The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization responsible for many reports on public health across the world including cancer, has classified wireless radio frequency as a ‘Possible Human Carcinogen’ (May, 2011)

The Bioinitiative Report (pg21 – see below) further explains this classification..

The designation applies to low-intensity RFR in general, covering all RFR-emitting devices and exposure sources (cell and cordless phones, WI-FI, wireless laptops, wireless hotspots, electronic baby monitors, wireless classroom access points, wireless antenna facilities, etc).’

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Further Reading..

In America 20 million kids under the age of fourteen have cell phones and in Australia one in four 9 year old's has their own phone.

More reading if you are considering a mobile phone for your child or teenager

From the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) comes a fact sheet on the use of wireless devices..

"Due to the lack of scientific evidence on mobile and cordless phone use by children, ARPANSA recommends that parents encourage their children to limit their exposure,''

They also suggest that baby monitors be kept a meter away from cots, to minimise any electromagnetic emissions.

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