Your Mobile / Cell Phone Radiation
Warning In Fine Print

Mobile / Cell phone radiation poses danger to our health. Like it or not, it is real and here to stay. Have you taken the time to read the warning in fine print on your user’s manual? You maybe in for a big surprise and may ask, “Should I quit using my mobile / cell phone?” The answer is obvious!!!

The new smart phones we have today are far better those old models. They vibrate, rock out, show high-definition movies, make photos and videos, issue voice commands, check email, go underwater, navigate with global positioning systems and surf the web in 3-D. They sport dual core processors and batteries that let you – or your kid — talk for close to 20 hours.

But the same is still true,  they all emit radiation.

You can check few of the mobile \ cell phone Fine Print Warnings here


Environmental Health Trust Address The

‘Hidden Health Effects of Cell Phone’


Devra Lee Davis PhD MPH. Founder and President of Environmental Health Trust says,

“We do not believe in abandoning cell phone technology, but we do believe in far less secrecy on the part of the FCC and CTIA-The Wireless Association, and in the right of consumers to see the fine print about cell phone dangers at the point of sale,” said Ellie Marks, EHT’s Director of Government Affairs. “The City of San Francisco has set a shining example in passing its Right to Know law about cell phone radiation last year, and we applaud its continued efforts to keep its citizens informed. However, its new city government is uncertain at this time whether it will retain or repeal this landmark legislation because of the challenges of defending itself against a $4 trillion industry.This symposium gives the public the chance to peer underneath the secrecy concerning this legislation. We are also greatly encouraged by Senator Leno’s introduction on April 25th of SB 932, new legislation designed to implement cell phone warnings for the entire state of California.”

Together with the California Brain Tumor Association, they sought an ordinance  – to require cell phone retailers to provide customer with information about alleged possible dangers associated with radiation from the devices and ways tat users could reduce their exposure.

It was very disappointing when in May 2012 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a plan to repeal the Cell Phone Right to Know ordinance.

“Cell phone companies have won,” Mrs Marks of the California Brain Tumor Association said. “It was very sad. Many of us have worked on this for years. It was such a sad day. It felt like the politics in San Francisco has changed considerably, and no one was standing up for public health. It just didn’t seem like the Supervisors had the backbone that they used to have.”


Things You Can Do When You Have a Health Concern


Ask questions

  • What can I do?
  • What should I do?
  • How can I protect myself?
  • How can I protect my family?
  • What’s out there to help me with this concern?

Find help and/or answer

  • Ask your doctor or other health professionals
  • Do your research


  • Get protection
  • Follow manufacturers safety warnings
  • Watch out for and apply tips and ways how to use and not to use cell phones
  • Request for a more visible and clear warning sings
  • Watch out for the current and most up to date studies and findings about cell phone radiation
  • You can send a letter to the your country’s relevant authority telling it that you want real-world, relevant data on cell phone radiation.

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