Mobile Phone Radiation and Health


Are you concerned about mobile phone radiation and health risks that it may pose to you and your family?

While none of the scientific research has yet been conclusive the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – an agency of the World Health Organisation, has reclassified mobile radiation as a

Category 2b- ‘possible human carcinogen
from previously being a Category 3- ‘no conclusive evidence

This suggests that despite the lack of concrete evidence, a precautionary approach is recommended, particularly for those who use phones for more than half an hour a day, or are under the  age of 20.

Increasingly governments are changing laws and advice on the use of mobile technologies for children, as well as the consideration to ban Wi-Fi in schools.

Cell Phone Radiation Health Risks

Although scientific studies are currently bringing back contradictory results in regards to mobile phone radiation and health risks, varied health complaints and potential risks have been suggested as being posed from mobile phone use including:

  • Blood brain barrier – is the protective barrier between the brain and blood which if damaged then allows toxins to enter the brain. Experiments with rats showed that microwaves pulsed at specific modulations interfered with the blood brain barrier in minutes. (Frey 1974 and subsequent studies)
  • Fertility – studies suggest that radiation exposed sperm suffer in various ways – they show damaged DNA and deformation, swim poorly and die 3 times faster which all impact on male fertility. (Cleveland Clinic 2006)
  • Nervous system –  specific studies have been undertaken for suspected links to changes in the central nervous system including increases in free radicals and their varied impact on health – including headaches, vertigo, migraines, attention problems and behavioural changes.
  • Hypersensitivity – electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a includes symptoms that are often debilitating including headaches, dizziness, sleep disturbances, skin irritation, muscle aches. It is most often attributed to mobile phone base stations, but also to cell phones, cordless phones and power lines.
  • Cancer – studies on animals show beyond doubt that non-ionizing radiation damages their brains. Arguments about the fact that non-ionizing radiation cannot cause primary DNA damage in humans have not yet been proven. Using a mobile phone does cause brain tissue to metabolize more glucose as well as increased blood flow – the effects of which are still not known.
  • Age – children have both a thinner skull and more fluid in their brain meaning they absorb a higher percent of radiation than adults and are thus potentially 5 times more at risk of brain tumors (Hardell 2011)

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