Torsion Patent, Certificates and Accreditations


Torsion™ is a market leader in anti radiation research and development committed to developing a range of innovative anti radiation products alongside educating people on how to safely deal with electromagnetic radiation.
The Torsion Protective Field Chip is manufactured and patented in Europe under the guidance of the European Union. You have peace of mind that your investment is worth to protect your health and your family.

Quality Guaranteed
The World Health Organisation has certified the effectiveness and quality of the Radiation Protection Chip as being ‘subject to the highest standards of quality at every level of production’.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Protective substance against non-ionizing radiation, method for it’s production and protective Device using it.

Torsion TM Field Chips are the only mobile radiation chips in the world to be tested by IMEDIS and PERESVET using quantum medicine devices.  Compared to defenseless radiation mobile phone users, the Torsion ™ Field Chip provides instant protection which is immediately evident.

Imedis Test Results below

Test 1 – subject without mobile\cell phone
Test 2 – subject using mobile phone without Torsion Protection Chip
Test 3 – subject with Torsion Protection Chip